Nikon 800 Super Zoom


iPad Retina Display

​Sony Cyber Shot

Minolta SR-T 

I'm jumping into to this passion again. Cameras do so much now.

Its overwhelming to believe that film is actually gone. The technology that has replaced it s truly magical. . .

I'm learning to use my veteran photography skills in combination with this new technology and it is so rewarding and exciting !

This next year holds some new experiences for me. Keep updated and watch with me the adventures and magic one can experience with a camera in hand.

About me

Favorite Subjects

​I can't say there is anything that I don't like to 

photograph. I do have many favorites.

Coca-Cola is like my Campbell's soup can.







Urban Wildlife

I'm sure this list will get bigger. . . 

Abracadabra Images

TA Carrano

Photography has always been a part of my life. Even when I took a break from it,

it was there in the background recording life. While I was recording life, to my surprise

I got a couple of great shots.

In the last year I picked up my camera once again just to see if the passion was still there.

For fun I uploaded my work to a stock house and sold four photos and won several contest.

Not only is the passion still there, but the excitement of creating images again has been very fulfilling.

Much has had happened this year. I have so I have lots to post and talk about. I've met so many great people on my journey and continue to trek onwards learning and experiencing all that I can see through my lens. Please bare with me as I gather all the photos and thoughts of the past year so I can present it here in the next few months.